Non-Owners SR22 Insurance

When you don't own a car and drive occasionally, you need non-owners SR22 insurance. This insurance policy is a necessity in most states in the U.S. except New York, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Delaware, Kentucky, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

So if you reside in (or intend to relocate to) any of the other states, you'd need to fulfill this requirement. The entire process entails getting auto insurance with non-owner SR22 insurance.

Do you have questions about the cost, procedures, and intrinsic aspects of this type of SR22 form? Read this post to find answers to all your enquiries.

What is Non-Owners SR22 Insurance?

In simple terms, non-owners SR22 insurance is a type of auto insurance with non-owners SR22 filing. This implies that the insurance policy protects you in cases of accidents, for example.

Let's assume you got an SR22 filing for your own car. If you didn't follow it up with your auto insurance company, you'd have lost the opportunity to have your license reinstated as a vehicle owner. And this is what the owners SR22 insurance form covers.

However, with the non-owners SR22 insurance, you agree that any vehicle you drive isn't yours. It could be for a friend.

This insurance policy allows you to maintain your status as a vehicle operator and accords you the opportunity of getting your license status at an affordable rate.

What does Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Policy Cover?

With regard to the non-owners SR22 insurance, you get liability. To illustrate, if you get involved in an accident, the expenses to the vehicle you drive is covered. In addition, the policy takes care of the person you hurt or the damage to their vehicle.

Nonetheless, in cases where you aren't the cause of the accident, the other driver's insurance policy should cover your bodily injury and vehicle damage.

Note, however, that the non-owners SR22 insurance only covers vehicles that you drive occasionally, not vehicles you own or use regularly.

How Much Does Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Cost?

The non-owner SR22 insurance cost is typically the premiums of the non-owners auto insurance policy plus the $25-$50 SR22 filing fee. While this is the basic idea of the cost for this insurance policy, it remains a fact that the cost varies from person to person.

Usually, specific factors are considered when determining the cost of a person's non-owner insurance policy. From your driving history (as a high risk driver) to the state you reside in, you can expect your non-owners SR22 insurance cost to be distinct from another driver's.

How Do I Get Non-Owners SR22 Insurance Coverage?

When trying to acquire the non-owner SR22 insurance policy, you should speak first with your insurance agency. These companies often deal with high-risk auto insurance policies and have sufficient information on what they entail.

Next, be sure that you meet the general requirements for non-owners SR22 insurance. They include:

  1. You must not own a car or must not have a car registered in your name
  2. Your record must not grant you an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)
  3. You cannot have other vehicles in your home even if they are not yours.

With this requirements fulfilled, speak with an auto insurance company. Explain everything about your situation to them and ensure that you're totally sincere about your need of the SR22 rider.

Once you've paid the rider fees, the company will file and complete the SR22 insurance forms.

Who Cannot Get the Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Policy?

Anyone who owns a vehicle registered in their name cannot get the non-owners SR22 insurance policy. Aside from this, if the court has issued you an IID requirement, you need the owners SR22 insurance policy instead.

There could be other cases of exceptions, but you must find them out with your insurance company.

What Happens If I Miss a Payment on an SR22 Insurance Policy?

Missing your SR22 policy payment is often very bad. When you miss your payment, you could get your license revoked again. In other cases, the DMV will require you to restart the filing process which often lasts three years.

Worst case scenario – you might be asked to pay a reinstatement fee. Hence, we discourage allowing lapses in your insurance coverage. Make sure that your insurance company keeps you informed about the validity of your license and the due payment dates for your car insurance.

What Cars does the Non-Owners SR22 Insurance Policy Cover?

The non-owners SR22 insurance policy only covers vehicles that you drive on occasion. Say you borrow a friend's car for a special event or an emergency. This SR22 insurance policy covers the expenses to the car in case an accident occurs.

Be informed that this policy clearly excludes vehicles that you use regularly, vehicles registered in your name or vehicles that belong to other members of your household.

What's the Price Variance between Non-Owners SR22 Insurance Policy and the Regular SR22 Insurance Policy?

The non-owners SR22 insurance policy often costs slightly less than the usual owners' insurance policy. And this is because it's a cheaper way to maintain your license until you can get your own car.

Since this policy applies only to vehicles you drive infrequently, your mileage limits will differ from that of a car owner with a SR22 filing.

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