When submitting your documents for a driver's license in North Carolina, you might be asked to file the Form DL-123. What is this form? Does it apply to everyone? Can you issue it without any long protocols? And does this form expire at any point?

These questions and more are answered in this post. Read on to find out.

What is Form DL-123?

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles requires the Form DL-123 as proof that you have liability insurance. On the NC DMV Website, you have this information:

The N.C. General Assembly has enacted legislation to require some (but not all) driver license applicants in North Carolina to submit proof of automobile liability insurance coverage in order to obtain a North Carolina driver's license.

With this form, acquiring a driver's license becomes a lot easier. Of course, this form is a little restricted in its use. It can only be issued for vehicles which have been registered in North Carolina. However, it's also possible to get the DL-123 form when relocating to another state.

The best part about getting this form is that it can be done in a day, if you approach a proactive insurance company. Also, it can issued whether you have a non-owner's insurance policy or the regular owner's policy.

On the form DL-123, the following four details are crucial:

Who is Expected to File a Form DL-123?

As specified in the North Carolina law, the form DL 123 does not apply to everyone applying for a driver's license. Below are the specific people who will need to file a form DL-123:

Required Proof of Identity

Before you can be issued the DL-123, you would need to provide a proof of identity that clearly specifies your full name and date of birth. Below are some of the accepted documents that fit this description:

Where Can You Get a North Carolina Form DL-123?

Only an insurance provider that has been licensed in North Carolina can issue the Form DL 123. And it's a fact that the form lasts only thirty days irrespective of the policy you're on. has been assisting residents of North Carolina obtain form DL-123, as we understand the value of the driver's license.

Do you need to get liability insurance with form DL-123? Contact us immediately and join our list of happy clients who enjoy a quick service and at an affordable rate.

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