SR22 Insurance - all you should know

Getting the SR22 Insurance can be an overwhelming process. This post takes you through the nitty-gritties of reinstating your license with ease.

If you’ve ever had to face a court’s decision for invalid, expired or cancelled license, getting this certificate from your insurance company would get you back on the road.

Generally, this certificate serves as a proof that you have your state’s minimum requirements for liability insurance policy. Without this SR22 form, any vehicle or motorcycle operator who might have defaulted might find it difficult getting their license active again.

Do you want to get back on the road? Read on.

What is SR22 Insurance?

Making the best driving decisions is closely linked to your possession of the SR22 insurance. The SR22 insurance is required by states where the license of high-risk drivers is suspended.

Usually, people assume that the SR-22 insurance is an actual kind of insurance. However, this is not the case. When you hold this insurance, which is similar to a certificate of roadworthiness, you can continue driving your car or any other vehicle that you operate.

The process of getting an SR22 insurance form can be a little daunting since losing your license privileges can affect several areas of your life. Nonetheless, begin by getting to understand the way this works in your state and what type of certificate you would need.

Normally, the insurance form is filed by your insurance provider who agrees that you maintain your state’s insurance limits.

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The Bottom Line

Has your life been affected in any way because you’ve lost your driving privileges? With the SR22 insurance, you can get back on the road.

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Who Needs SR22 Insurance?

You need the SR22 insurance if you fit any of the following descriptions:

  1. Own a revoked/suspended/invalid license
  2. Charged/convicted with a DUI or DWI
  3. Questionable driving record
  4. Require a hardship license
  5. Lack of insurance
  6. Cause of an accident
  7. Refusal to pay child support

How Does the SR22 Process Work?

The process of getting the SR22 insurance form is as follows:

  • Find out your state’s insurance requirement
  • Purchase insurance requirement with SR22 endorsement
  • Your state agency insurer files it electronically using AAMVA
  • Use your reinstated license for an average of 3 years. 

Types of SR22 Certificates

The three main types of SR22 certificates include:

  • Operator’s/Non-owner’s certificate

    This is the cheapest form of certificate because it covers you and your household when you aren’t the owner of a vehicle. This policy considers the fact that you drive infrequently; thus, cases of accidents are reduced. Nonetheless, if you drive cars without the Ignition Interlock Device, you might not get the operator’s certificate since a court’s decision may require you to drive only cars with the IID.

  • Owner’s certificate

    This certificate is required for owners of one or more vehicles. The SR22 insurance form could be one which includes all vehicles or select an “All owned vehicles” form.

  • Operator’s-Owner’s certificate

    An operator’s-owner’s certificate covers you if you drive a car that belongs to someone else (as a car owner) or cause an accident with a vehicle that you own (as an operator).

How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

One interesting aspect of the mandated SR22 insurance is the cost. And this varies from state to state.

In some companies it is free while in others, the nominal fee is within $15-$60. Many drivers worry about how much they have to pump into the insurance rate. Nonetheless, the SR22 fee is only high when the auto insurance cost is high.

Other factors such as your driving record, risk status, and credit score can affect the insurance cost.

Main Factors that will Affect Your SR22 Insurance Cost

Below are seven factors which will influence the cost of your SR22 insurance:

  1. The severity of the accident
  2. Age - high costs if you’re in your early 20s or over 65 but lower costs if you’re in your 40s (and a male)
  3. Conviction rate – the more times you get involved in accidents, the higher your insurance costs
  4. Your occupation – corporate individuals or people who rarely get on the road pay less for premium than delivery agents, for instance
  5. Marital status – if you’re married, your accidents record (and cost) would likely be lower than single people
  6. State or Location – insurance companies in places like Washington DC charge more for SR22 insurance than companies in Alabama
  7. Gender – female drivers get lower insurance bills than men because women don’t drive as often as men or get involved in accidents at equal rates.

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