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SR-22 and FR-44 in Virginia.

Let's be honest. Did you ever sit in a bar listening to a story about a guy, you know? He had a good drink and was detained by the police. Or did you watch on YouTube any video from the officer’s camera about drunk drivers?
What are we talking about? Even if you are not a sports fan, all the same, as soon as the off-season begins in the NFL or NBA, all the news resources are filled with enchanting stories about sports stars caught under the DUI.
Admit it. At such moments you think something like: “Here is an idiot. Why not take a taxi? Or do not walk to the house on foot? Or…"
And these are correct thoughts, and your resentment is easy to understand. And all those promises to yourself - never fall into such stories that you give yourself at such moments are heartfelt and appropriate. But, here comes a moment from which no one is safe, because sometimes our brain takes a day off.

Regarding the restoration of their reputation, this path is always tricky. And, often - not very pleasant. Especially if returning of the right, which was deprived of stupidity or combination of circumstances, is at stake. And, particular difficulties will arise if we deal with the consequences of such events in the Last Dominion, the cradle state of the presidents.
But nothing is impossible, and today we will tell you how to turn back the clock in Virginia.

Fortunately, the US legal system has provided opportunities to clear their reputation after unpleasant incidents on the road. SR-22, aka certificate of insurance or a financial responsibility filing - a vehicle liability insurance document required by most state Department of Motor Vehicles for "high-risk" insurance policies. SR-22 is the form that the insurance company submits, confirming in such a way that liability insurance is valid for a particular person.
SR-22 insurance is no longer used for DUI in Virginia, this certification is required for the unsatisfied judgements, uninsured motor vehicle suspension, failure to provide proof of insurance associated with insurance monitoring and falsifying insurance certification.

In Virginia, you will need a particular form if you are injured someone while driving under the influence, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs, driving while the driver's license has been forfeited for a conviction. This list is incomplete, but its essence boils down to gross violations of local and federal laws.
This form is FR 44 is a “Certificate of Financial Responsibility,” which, in essence, is an additional guarantee from the insurance company for high-risk drivers. It requires that you are insured for twice the minimum limits that Virginia sets in Code § 46.2-472.
You will need FR 44 for 3 years after your license revocation is over. For the first DWI charge, you must have FR 44 for four years - 1 year for the time you have a restricted license and 3 years after the revocation is over.
And, yes, this form is necessary even if you do not own a car.

Is it expensive to draw up these documents? Rather expensive. But, firstly, you won’t have much choice, and secondly, it’s justifiable expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances, especially when you are already in the “high-risk drivers” category.
But, the main thing to remember: if you have to pay for mistakes with the money, then this is just a paid opportunity to learn a lesson.

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