SR-22 in Pennsylvania.

When in the seventies of the last century, Chuck Noll created a defense that went down in history called the Iron Curtain, he hardly thought about the meaning of this name.

Yes, that defense of the great team, the unique symbol of The Keystone State, which became the foundation for the four Super Bowls ... The best players of their generation, under the guidance of a coach who was ahead of time. The "curtain" has become synonymous with an impregnable fortress, a barrier in front of which all efforts lose their meaning. Now all the textbooks talk about him, and modern teams recall him as an unattainable ideal.

It took the Pittsburgh Steelers years, all the genius of Chuck Noll and the legendary players, to create an epochal barrier, insurmountable for the enemy.

We sometimes need ourselves, a little stupidity and a combination of circumstances to create the Iron Curtain for ourselves.

Forget about the best team in the league, its place in history is confirmed by six rings. Today we will talk about ourselves and about what difficulties we are building for ourselves. And if that glorious Pittsburgh Steelers has remained invincible, then we will give today a couple of tips on how to win ourselves.

Probably any person driving a car in the USA is familiar with the SR-22. Even if this is the first time you hear this abbreviation, do not rush to deny that you know it.

SR-22 is a supplement to the main insurance policy. It testifies that you have additional proof of your financial responsibility. Filling out this form is usually required by the local transport department in case of gross violations of the law. Especially if the charges relate to the DUI.

Pennsylvania is different. The Department of Transportation will not oblige you to issue an SR-22 even if you are accused of exceeding the BAC. The Keystone State is too inventive to use the standard levers of driver education.

The varied types of fines, fees, and penalties are the state's choice. For example, on charges of DUI, you will be required to use a special device that does not allow you to start a car if you have drunk alcohol.

If this seems like good news, think again. You can’t save, because, moreover, the cost of insurance for high-risk drivers will be much higher. In this case, it would be desirable for you to issue the SR-22 in any case.

This document may be requested when buying a new car. If you have problems with violating the insurance policy or if a driver’s license has expired and there is no evidence of additional financial responsibility, then you may face a suspension of registration of the car, additional fees, and fines.

The essence of DOT policy is in the pitfalls, of which there are a lot. And here you need to be extremely careful. In such cases, insurance SR-22 - turns not just into insurance.

Do not listen to those who talk about its high price. Spend some time and explore the market. The cost of this policy depends on many factors. Including from the seller.

Therefore, do not be confused by the visible alternative - if you are pleased to get into an unpleasant story, spend the money and issue the SR-22. Indeed, to break through the Iron Overhang - any tool will be useful.

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