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SR-22 and SR-22 bond in Ohio.

Probably, we will not be mistaken if we assume that you have repeatedly found yourself in a state of shock. And we are not talking about that pleasant shock when your favorite team wins the Super Cup or when you find out about an unexpected bonus at work. Not.
We are talking about the shock that knocks down and after which you cannot recover. When the test score is much lower than you could imagine when you find that your computer’s hard drive is fully formatted when you read yesterday’s drunken messaging with your ex. Or, worst of all, listed together - when you see the bill from the insurance company.

Let's be honest; a certain opinion about insurers has long been rooted in the mass consciousness. They are perceived by many as a kind of Scrooge who is trying to steal Christmas every day. It’s especially annoying, as paradoxical as it is, to diligent drivers who rarely see the results of interaction with the company. Of course, a good driver rating and the absence of penalty points significantly reduce the cost of the policy, but, in general, this does not add too much optimism to such people.
We will not advocate for the devil. We will not even try to justify the cost of insurance. We want to share with you a thought that seems interesting to us.
When you install a security system in your home or buy weapons, you don’t hope that you will have to use any of this for its intended purpose? Probably not. Usually, surrounding ourselves with such opportunities and things, we don’t expect them to work — we want to be sure that if something terrible happens, we did everything to avoid this.
So it is with the insurance policy. We know that its availability guarantees us assistance in case of trouble. And the opportunity to make our life easier in case of unforeseen mistakes on our part. And about how to do this in Ohio today, we will tell.

If it turned out that you were deprived of a driver’s license for significant violations of the rules of the road or because of driving without insurance, you would be on the dark side. In Ohio, getting out of her will help form SR-22.
This form is filed with the Ohio BMV directly by the insurer and is an integral part of primary insurance. And this means that even if you were held responsible for driving without a policy, you still have to purchase it. And the price will be much higher.
So, as soon as you fall into the category of high-risk drivers based on gross violations or DUI, you can start the process of restoring your good name. As mentioned above, the agent sends it to the state’s BMV along with the completed form SR-22. After that, you will receive a confirmation letter from the automotive department.
Depending on the severity of the offense, you will be required to have this additional bond for 3 to 5 years. If you have a bad idea to save some money and not to prolong it - forget it. After all, your insurance will immediately inform the state body about the non-extension of policies and documents of additional financial responsibility. This cannot be avoided even if you are not the owner of the vehicle or are leaving from the Buckeye State.

The reason for such harsh conditions is simple. For one reason or another, you are still an unreliable driver. And that means a potential road incident with your participation can create financial problems not only for you but also for other participants.
If you have SR22, you can count on the amounts:
Up to 25,000 dollars. to cover liability for bodily harm to a person injured in an accident.
Accident liability coverage of up to $ 50,000.
And, up to $ 25,000 to cover property damage for an accident.
If we talk about Ohio, then, in general, the only difference from practice in other states is closer cooperation between the automobile department and the insurance company. And this is both good and bad news.
But, Ohio laws leave an alternative and slightly cheaper option - the possibility of attaching an SR-22 filing onto a financial responsibility (FR) bond. This option also applies to the product offered by insurance companies only and is the more economic variety of SR-22. And in order to save even more, carefully study all the offers, since the range of prices can be enormous.
The main disadvantage of this form is that with the FR bond, you will be deprived of additions to the established minimum so, if you need to increase the limit of liability above the border established by the state in the amount of 25 000 dollars. US / $ 50,000 US to cover forest damage and 25 000 dollars. - You cannot do this by simply adding. You will need to buy a policy for non-owners of the SR-22.
And, one should not forget for a minute that the SR-22 is a guarantee liability insurance. That is, injuries, damage to the car that you drove, cannot be compensated in cases when you are recognized as the culprit of the accident.

It is imperative not to get confused and soberly approach the choice of the best option.
The cost of filing the SR-22 in Ohio is low. Usually, it consists of a one-time fee of at least $ 20 to the insurer for submitting documents to the automotive department. But, the prices of insurance policies will often be overstated, unlike the standard depending on the incident that led you to need an additional policy.
For example, the average price of insurance in Cincinnati is just under $ 1,400. If DUI charges dominate you, you'll need the SR-22. And, at the same time, the cost grows by no less than 30%. And now the final price is approaching 1800 dollars.

Everything is straightforward.
Especially if you do not allow yourself to forget that insurance is simply a necessary element in the inventory of any driver, and the price of an opportunity to clear a reputation is priceless.

Life difficulties and how not to increase them.

Life is difficult and fraught with many nuances. Which periodically challenge us and our families. From objective difficulties to the difficulties that our brain presents to us, blowing out more and more challenges.
After all, even if you live in the blessed god The Buckeye State, you can be a fan of Browns. Nothing personal, but the fearless guys who root for this team deserve friendly support, a strong handshake and sympathy.
This legendary organization has long been drinking blood to its fans. And how many nerves they killed with their faithful supporters - don't count to anyone. And, you know, what is the most interesting part of Browns life? Any given season, they find an all-new way to break the heart of everyone to whom they are not indifferent. Even when everyone, including bookmakers, does not believe in the possibility of a new fiasco, they prove the opposite in an incredible way. Even when they unconditionally win the draft, when all picks are impeccable. Cleveland Browns will invent a new way to reach the bottom.
And, you know, each of us in life has a moment when we behave like this organization. When there is no problem, we will create it ourselves. And, if advising Browns is useless (proved by the whole history of their existence), then we can give you a couple of tips on how to escape from your own mistakes.

So, if the results of your rash actions led to an accident resulting in death, injury or damage more than $ 400, you were found guilty of a DUI or other significant violation of the rules of the road, or you drove a car with expired insurance with or without it - the dubious honor of getting into the list of high-risk drivers is waiting for you.
If you have suffered one of these troubles - most likely you will receive a notification from BMV with a request to issue an SR-22 form.
SR-22 is a form of additional financial liability that is in addition to the main insurance policy. But simply put - a ticket that allows even high-risk drivers to continue to drive.

Pay for this policy, according to the laws of Ohio, you have at least three years. This should be taken very carefully, because no earlier than 15 days before the expiration of the SR-22, you need to extend it. If this is not done, your insurance company will report to BMV, and this will entail even more problems.
The cost of submitting this form, at first glance, is not so expensive - from 15 to 25 dollars. But this is only a collection. The payment itself will be expensive, given that it is required by high-risk drivers. Therefore, study the market offers, compare them to identify the best option.
Also, even if you do not own the car, in most cases, you will still need the SR-22 form. The good news is that it will cost less.

Nothing is impossible in our life. Even if the situation seems hopeless at first glance. Whatever happens - do not despair and explore all the possibilities.
Indeed, the only thing that seems unrealistic is the chance that Cleveland Browns will win the Super Bowl.

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