SR-22 in New York.

In today's world, driving a car is not only a right that greatly simplifies life. It is also everyday stress and tension.

Many people are panicky afraid to fly on an airplane, while they get into their car without problems. Without even thinking that the probability of dying in a road accident is much higher than crashing in a plane crash. Of course, the level of difficulty in moving around the city directly depends on its size and density of traffic. These indicators directly affect the likelihood of making trouble through your fault or the fault of other drivers.

It’s hard to argue that a relaxed ride in a small town somewhere in the small town of an American town in the Midwest is very different from driving, say in New York. In which the flow of cars is so great that even if you leave only a taxi on the road, it won’t become much easier.

But, even in such difficult conditions, some people believe that objective problems for them are not a challenge. And, sometimes, intentionally or not, they decide to complicate their level of existence.

If you live in the Empire State, other drivers will not envy you. If, by your actions, you went to the “impossible level”, breaking the law, then ...

So, if you are operating a car without an appropriate insurance policy or without a driver’s license (or it has expired). You have been convicted of a DUI, or you are reported to be regularly flagrant for traffic violations. And also, if you are not able to financially answer for the results of the accident. Then, welcome to the club of individuals who must provide additional financial guarantees.

In other words, if you want to get back on the road, submit form SR-22.

As a result of most cases, you will be required to have this form for approximately 3 years from the date the court makes the decision.

It is important to remember that this policy does not replace insurance. It only expands your financial capabilities to cover the damage, if such an event occurs.

This form is submitted to the local DMV and must be renewed upon expiration. Its validity is calculated not from the date of issue, but the date of receipt by the state body of the notice and its copy. In case you are. If you did not pay for the extension of SR-22, your insurance company will inform the department of this. And, believe me, in this case, your life will not become easier.

If you are moving to New York State having obligations associated with Form SR-22, you should not purchase an analog in your new place of residence. But, the obligation to renew in the previous place of residence will remain.

The cost of this document is rather big. Which, naturally, given the circumstances because of which you needed him. It is difficult to name a uniform cost, since it depends on many factors and is based on your driver’s past and rating. The good news is that payments for SR-22 can be broken down into monthly payments.

Initially, it may seem unfair for you to require the state to expand the guarantees of your financial responsibility. But, do not take it that way. Indeed, this is the last chance, which is given even to those who have grossly violated the law. And, the best you can do is learn a lesson from this.

And, to understand that a high level of complexity is not always suitable even for video games.

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