SR-22 in New Jersey.

When you rush a car along the roads of the Garden State, the last thing you think about is problems. And we do not mean small household problems, which are rather pleasant troubles. Like where to go for dinner in the evening or where to spend a vacation.

We are talking about things that can change your life in the most dramatic way. Damaging not only your bank account, but also your reputation, relationships and, even, your family. Problems that you, at times, create for yourself. After all, a simple set of circumstances that led to trouble is not as offensive as a series of incorrect decisions made because of their stupidity.

Such decisions not only make dealing with direct and costly damage but also leave a deep scar in the soul and on self-esteem. And if we cannot help with the latter, then we will tell how to minimize the damage and return to the ranks of ordinary citizens without a negative background.

Each driver has a limit set by the state. Your trait, stepping over which you will no longer enjoy the benefits of a trust. New Jersey is no exception.

If, as a resident of the State of Gardens, you manage to get more than six points on your license, allow driving a car without a driver’s license or insurance, you will be included in the list of high-risk drivers. The same goes for cases in which you were caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And, even if you refuse to pass the sobriety test - this will not change anything.

Public censure and explanation with loved ones will be the lesser of your problems. After all, now you have to provide additional evidence of financial solvency.

This means that now you have to pay for the form SR-22. This document, which is additional insurance of the main policy, will become a first step to renewing the driver’s license.

The bad news is that it is rather expensive, but at the same time filling this form is a mandatory norm. If you are charged with DUI, then the amount of this insurance will cost $ 1,000 or more. Of course, for less serious offenses, the cost will be less and start at $ 100, but we are talking only about the cost without fees.

Also, you will be required, for a minimum of three years, depending on the court decision, to file SR-22 data with New Jersey MVC. It won’t work out, because if you delay the extension of the document, your insurance company will be obliged to notify the department.

Answering frequently asked questions, we note the following. You must have the SR-22 if you have committed the appropriate offenses, even if you do not own the car.

Besides, if you moved to New Jersey and the SR-22 is registered in another state, you are not required to register a new one. You need to confirm the validity of your form and continue to fulfill your obligations at the place of the previous residence.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in fixing your reputation - no. Maybe it's expensive. Perhaps this is a long time. But, this is the way out. And having a way out of a hopeless situation is priceless.

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