SR-22 in Illinois.

It just so happened that we all go through life, carrying a load. Each has its load and its weight is also different. Someone carries their past in a light bag, which almost does not slow down. Sometimes it’s nice to look into it, evoking memories. Often they are pleasant and not burdensome.
And someone drags along a voluminous and slow load that greatly complicates the movement, and indeed life. Carrying this baggage is truly tough work. And, if you decide to delve into the contents of your bags, looking at and remembering all your mistakes and turns in the wrong place - you are guaranteed depression.
The most unpleasant thing in the past is that you cannot change it. And it remains only to reconcile with him and live, not for a moment forgetting that this bag, so heavy and uncomfortable, will always complicate your path.
But, what if life gives you a second chance? What if you have the opportunity to unload your bag with the past?
And the most amazing thing is that sometimes we have such opportunities, even in those cases when it seems that a catastrophe has occurred.

Having become a full-fledged driver, we all promise ourselves to be a worthy and responsible member of the road. But, time goes by, and you, unexpectedly for yourself, may find that the following marks are present in your driving record:

  • repeated violations of traffic rules;
  • Driving with expired license plates, without an insurance policy, without a driver's license;
  • DUI;
  • regular non-payment of tollway fares;

The presence of such biography pages is a serious problem. It can be reflected in the most diverse areas of your life. And this is exactly the case when this problem will replenish the heavy suitcase of your past mistakes.
But, at the same time, this is the case when you can turn this page and fix incorrect decisions.

Now you need additional evidence of financial ability. That is - an additional insurance policy SR-22. By the way, this is not only your ticket to exit the list of high-risk drivers in the Prairie State. If life does not teach you anything, and you violate the requirements for the extension of SR-22, then your insurance company will notify the Illinois Secretary of State office. After that, your troubles will go to a new round.
Having received this document, you will get the opportunity to legally drive a car. If you comply with the law. The main thing, as mentioned above, is the need to do it on time for three years.
It doesn't matter, whether you own the car or not - everyone needs the SR-22. The only thing is that in this case, the cost will be less. Regarding prices, it should be noted that it is difficult to name it because it is calculated from many factors. So you should study the market in detail to find the best deal.

Yes, it can be quite expensive. And, yes, it requires a lot of effort and discipline. But, is it really important if you get a unique opportunity to give yourself a second chance at least somewhere?

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