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SR-22 and FR-44 in Florida.

Do you know what the main problem of the future is? The main problem is that the future usually comes unnoticed.
A considerable number of writers tried to guess what lies ahead. And a vast amount of readers smiled ironically as they read these predictions. But then, we all suddenly find ourselves in conditions that yesterday presumed as the decorations of science fiction films.
You could see the English television series Black Mirror. And you probably remember the Nosedive series. It tells about the future, in which the fate and social role of a person depend on the conditional points awarded for many parameters. And, if this plot seemed unreasonably unrealistic to you, then we are forced to disappoint you.

High-risk driver mark.

The truth is that such assessment systems have been around for a long time. Imperceptibly and unobtrusively, ratings have penetrated our life and sometimes affect it in an unobvious way. And, for sure, the most telling example of such a gradation is the history of your driving practice.
From the very beginning - as a novice driver, you are on the list of "unreliable." Over time, gaining experience, you will leave this list. And here it all depends on you. If you are a neat and responsible driver - there will be no problems. But, if you stumble ...

Trust Return Tools.

You will have to go through certain stages of restoring your reputation. Especially if the reason you are on this list is substantial and severe. For example, if you were involved in an accident while uninsured, you had a judgment filed against you in connection with an accident, your license is revoked or, you were under court supervision for driving violations.
Fortunately, the US legal system has provided opportunities to clear their reputation after unpleasant incidents on the road. SR-22, aka certificate of insurance or a financial responsibility filing - a vehicle liability insurance document required by most state Department of Motor Vehicles for "high-risk" insurance policies. SR-22 is the form that the insurance company submits, confirming in such a way that liability insurance is valid for a particular person.
If you are unlucky to incur a DUI or drive on a suspended license in the Sunshine state, you’ll need an FR44 to reinstate your license with the DMV. FR 44 is a “Certificate of Financial Responsibility,” which, in essence, is an additional guarantee from the insurance company for high-risk drivers. Usually, you should have this form for three years or the period that the court will establish for you.
The cost of this type of additional insurance is rather high. It depends on many factors and offers in the market. Therefore, once in a similar situation, do not be too lazy to study all the offers available in this segment.

The system of ratings and ratings of people can hardly be considered as an achievement of civilization. But, this is the reality in which we live. And while we have the opportunity to improve our rating, even if it will be expensive, the problem is not catastrophic.

When spots appear in the sun.

If there is a place on the planet that can be compared to paradise, then this is, without a doubt, The Sunshine State. The Lord did not deprive Florida of his grace.
The gentle waters of the surf, the diversity of the most incredible animals, the vegetation that pleases the eye and makes your soul sing. And, the symbol of the state, oranges, with their fresh sweetness, do not leave anyone indifferent. And the sun, the sea of ​​the sun giving light, warmth and happiness.
It seems that living here is the highest good for everyone. And it seems that bad things just can't happen here. But, even in the sun, spots appear.

When life is measured and calm, we begin to forget that problems can trap us around every corner. And there is nothing to worry about because this is an inevitable part of our existence. Friends, family, our experience - all these are our weapons, which are indispensable in overcoming difficulties.
But, there is a downside - namely, the difficulties that we create for ourselves. And this is the most unpleasant. After all, to know that your stupidity, arrogance, and frivolity led you to this point - strong stress in itself. And finding your strength in yourself to deal with all this mess is doubly difficult. That is why doctors do not treat, and lawyers do not protect themselves and their families. And we know how important support is in such cases, and today we will try to help you with this.

If you have an accident while being uninsured, you did not comply with a court decision as a result of an accident or violated vehicle insurance requirements. That is if for one reason or another you are on the high-risk driver lists. You will need help.
And it will come from the state. Which will give you a second chance in case you confirm additional financial responsibility. And to do this is very simple by submitting SR-22, an additional insurance policy.
In Florida, this can be done both through an insurance company and through the Internet. DMV will track that you do not expire this document for at least three years. Help with this will be your insurance company, which is obliged to inform the department if you do not comply with the deadlines.
SR-22 is a very expensive insurance and does not replace the main one. Its cost is calculated on the basis of many factors, including even your gender and age. Therefore, a wise decision will be a detailed study of the proposal market before processing the document. In addition, pay attention that in most cases, payment can be made on a monthly basis, and not immediately.
This type of insurance is of three types. Certificate of Ownership - applies to all vehicles that a person owns, regardless of whether he drives them. A operator’s certificate, for those who do not own the machine. And an owner-operator’s certificate - covering all the cars that a person controls and owns. When choosing the optimal type of policy, be sure to consult with an agent.

Enjoying the Florida sun is that simple. It is enough to just love life and foresee events that depend on you directly. And after that - no spots in the sun will spoil your best day.

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