Reducing of the high risks - SR50 in Indiana.

The cruel irony of our lives often manifests itself like our desires. Surely, if you remember yourself in childhood, you will sadly understand that before life was much more comfortable. The goals were visible, and wishes were sincere. The only thing that confused was complete ignorance of how real your dreams are and how you can achieve them.

But, time passes, everything changes. And so, you even cease to notice how all children's aspirations begin to be realized. Financial and domestic independence are freeing their hands, and what seemed unreal yesterday suddenly becomes tangible. The joy and self-confidence generated by one's achievements pass quickly. Indeed, in adulthood, we suddenly discover that everything we aspired to brings not only pleasure. But also duties and responsibilities.

And most clearly, this idea is illustrated by cars and the right to operate them.

All because when an irresistible craving for freedom. The desire to rush towards the horizon, listening to the velvet rustling of the wheels, sooner or later will lead you to the BMV. And after receiving the desired piece of plastic with your photo, genuine euphoria will come. From the fact that freedom of movement finally found its quintessence in the form of a driver’s license.

But this euphoria will quickly leave you. Probably, after understanding the amount that you have to pay for insurance.

At this stage, you very quickly get acquainted with the concept of "high-risk driver." And with how much the stay in this category is related to the price of insurance. What can you do, freedom of driving, like any other freedom, is a costly pleasure. Buying cars, repairing them, buying supplies, gasoline, oil, etc. will stay with you forever. But you will leave the risk group very soon - as soon as you cease to be a beginner.

It would seem that all. The problem is resolved. But, there is one “but” - the unpredictability of human nature. After all, how many vows and promises you will not give, but from your stupidity, there is no insurance.

But, there is a state that is ready to give a second chance. Let it be expensive.

And a second chance will be provided even in the stern and proud of the Hoosier State.

The fact is that Indiana has a financial liability law. In order not to explain for a long time, let's say: if you are found guilty of an accident or moving violation, you will need to provide proof of insurance.

BMV will immediately send the so-called Certificate of Compliance to your address. If you do not want to be deprived of a driver’s license, you must fill out and return this form within forty days.

And here it is important to note that in the case of the commission of almost any violation, Indiana will require SR-50 insurance from you - in practice, additional confirmation of the driver’s solvency. And when we say “any,” we mean the vast majority of law violations, including DUI and speeding. The only exceptions are non-moving violations, such as parking violations.

And in such cases, it is better to be insured, because otherwise, you will immediately be deprived of a driver's license for a year with payment of a reinstatement fee of up to $ 300.

But back to SR-50 insurance, which is as unique as the Indiana snowflake or auto insurance laws. The presence of the SR-50 is proof that you are carrying the state minimum required insurance. Naturally, a conscientious driver will not have enough minimum level, but we are not talking about that now.

There is good news for everyone. You can submit the SR-50 form electronically, or an insurance agent can do it for you. Also, there is nothing complicated in filling it out.

When you receive a notification, you will have forty days to complete. Remember that this cannot be avoided - your driver’s license is at stake. Although the SR-50 is a separate policy, it is often attached to your insurance policy or a non-owner policy if you do not own a car. Therefore, most often - it is prudent and beneficial to use the services of an insurance company in submitting and filling out this document.

SR-50 costs money. It is natural. And, as we found out earlier, you need it if you are related to the great state of Indiana. Its cost is not unified and depends on many factors, including your driving record. Therefore, our main advice is unchanged - study the market before buying and do not hesitate to claim discounts from insurance agents.

And, remember, an insurance policy is not wasted money. This is your safety cushion that will soften the blow dealt by your stupidity or unpredictable life. Allow this to become your rule!

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