How to prevent phantom menace.


One of the most amazing and controversial inventions of humanity. A liquid in whose strength to bring the desired relaxation and detachment. A drink that raises the mood turns introverts into headliners of any party makes any annoying evening play with new, bright colors. Bright bottles, calling from the shelves of the store, promise extravaganza, and original pleasure. And it is true. The only things that are not written on these bottles, or mentioned in passing, are the consequences.

Many of us do not even think about what is behind the common phrase “Drink responsibly.” Most of us decipher this phrase as a warning about a hangover.

Something like: do not drink a lot. Otherwise the next morning you will have a headache, you will have bad breath, and nausea and vertigo will make you an unproductive worker. “Well, it seems like nothing to worry about — a fair price for a wonderful evening and a fun pastime. ”- Almost everyone will say.

“Speaking of the evening,” the famous phrase “Drink responsible” continues, “There is a chance that your evening will be made public in all available social networks. And your drunken antics will be a subject of conversation for a long time not only inside the inner circle but also for strangers. ”

Here you can think, but usually the thought "this is not about me, because I know my dose and always behave decently."

The last argument of alcohol will undoubtedly remain invisible. After all, you, knowing yourself better than anyone, is sure that under no circumstances can you injure or kill someone even under the influence of alcohol.

A curtain.

Why did we allow ourselves such a lengthy and long introduction? Everything is simple - we wanted everyone to recognize themselves in this situation. Admit, most of us have at least once had a similar internal dialogue with a prudent part of ourselves.

Do not take this article as a manifesto against alcohol. In no case! We are far from hypocrisy and are guided by the definition that everything is good in moderation. But, that’s what we can’t support categorically - it's drunk driving.

What is the horror of such an action? Not that you can harm yourself - by taking this risk, you sign a readiness to accept the consequences of this act. The true nightmare is that your irresponsibility can be a real tragedy for another participant in the movement. Or take his life and doom his family for many years of undeserved suffering through your fault.

Many organizations, both governmental and state, are working on the issue of strategies and methods for prevention and the impact on reducing the number of sober drivers on roads. At the forefront of the road, safety struggle is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is this department that develops and systematizes the main strategies. About which we would like to talk about below.

The primary preventive measure is the legislative framework. So, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher is absolutely illegal. What does this mean in a nutshell? That means that a safe amount of alcohol for an average man is one 12-ounce beer or one five-ounce glass of wine.

Persons under the age of 21 are confirmed by "zero tolerance" to the perception of the content of alcohol in the blood. That is - an absolute zero and nothing else.

The result of liability is often the loss of a driver's license. It goes without saying that some will be skeptical about this - what could prevent it from driving, the lack of a piece of plastic? But, in practice, such actions not only cause a significant blow to your financial well-being, but can also lead to prison.

Significant assistance in the fight against drunk driving is provided by ignition interlocks. In certain places, the police stop the cars to check for sobriety of the driver. In addition, breathing tests are carried out when stopped by the police if they have reason to suspect that the driver is intoxicated.

Recently, ignition blocking systems have received significant development. The bottom line is that a device is installed in the vehicle interior that measures the driver’s blood alcohol concentration. In the event that it exceeds 0.02%, the machine simply will not start. The acquisition of such systems is possible not only by court order. Many automobile companies are developing and implementing analogues of this excellent mechanism for preventing drunk driving.

An incredibly useful mechanism is the consolidation of the efforts of the state, the mass media, and citizens. Today, television channels and information resources are constantly launching information projects that form the correct perception of drunk driving. And the perception is the same - such driving is unacceptable in any case.

Programs in schools from childhood explain to schoolchildren all the consequences of rash decisions. After all, as practice shows, even adults are not able to calculate the damage from their fleeting wrong decision.

And it will be useful to carry out explanatory work with the same goals in your family or in the circle of your friends. Requests, explanations, interventions - everything is important if only to bring the right information to your loved one, prone to such actions.

These are all words. We understand that. And, we assume that even statistics that say that every day 28 people die from incidents involving drunk driving every day will not convince you. So let's look at a hypothetical situation in which you have drunk well, despised common sense, got behind the wheel and had an accident.

Depending on the state, you will be imprisoned to lose your driver’s license. If you are a driver with a commercial driver’s license, you will be deprived of a license for a more extended period. The insurance company will refuse to pay based on your condition at the time of the accident. You will have problems at work, even if this is not directly stated in your contract. The DUI record will haunt you in your record.

And this is an ideal outcome, in which the accident cost no casualties. Answer your question - is it all worth the extra 20 bucks in a taxi?

Our lives are too valuable to be jeopardized by our stupidity.

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