DUI penalties in California.

Drunk driving is one of the hardest crimes.

Lawyers or people familiar with the law may object to us. Yes, from jurisprudence, DUI cannot be attributed to severe crimes or misconduct. But, we look at things more broadly. By the degree of a direct potential threat, by unpredictability, by possible damage to both participants in the offense and innocent people, and from indirect loss to members of the family of the offender - this can only be classified as a serious crime.

And often, reading the news about the consequences of such an irresponsible ride - we wonder. What prevented you from calling a taxi or taking a driver? Saving was worth an innocent life or public censure. After all, there is nothing heroic about drunk operating of a machine. This will not make you a better person or enhance your driving skills. At best, the police will not catch you, but at worst ...

We know that not all people are capable of empathy and laugh at our message, And to destroy the self-confidence and indifference of such people, we wrote this article. In which we will tell you what awaits you in case of detention for drunk driving on the example of California.

The Golden State takes these offenses very seriously. And the severity of the punishment in Cali Fornia depends on several factors. The main ones are your DUI story. Depending on your past, you will be charged with administrative charges.

Also, the prosecutor's office can bring criminal charges if someone has suffered as a result of an offense, you have four or more administrative fines for the DUI, or during the previous ten years, you have been charged with a criminal charge related to the DUI.

So, the first episode of this violation is considered by the law of California as an offense. Its result will be fine from 390 to 1000 dollars. Plus associated fines. Do not flatter yourself, since their amount can be very significant and exceed several thousand dollars.

In addition, you can be imprisoned from 48 hours to six months. In most cases, the judge appoints a probationary period in which, if the rules are followed, you will avoid spending time behind bars.

You will be suspended for six months. Besides, if the blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.08%, the Department of Vehicles will apply a four-month administrative suspension. And do not think that if you refuse to measure alcohol, it will save you. In such cases, the administrative suspension will be one year. Usually, these two suspensions overlap.

The law is primarily preventive, so the first offenders can apply for a limited driving license to be able to get to work or school. A limited license provides for the use of an ignition blocking device (IID). The rest usually undertake to establish an IID for up to six months.

Also, as a probationary offender, they are required to attend a three-month DUI school (30 hours of classes). For those whose blood alcohol levels are significantly higher than usual, the program is designed for nine months (60 hours).

Repeated charges are also seen as misconduct.

The fines are identical to the first charge. But imprisonment is provided from 96 hours to one year. Often it is replaced with house arrest or community service.

In the case of a second attraction for the DUI, a two-year deprivation of rights in a criminal case and one-year administrative offense are provided. These terms may be mutually offset, and the driver may request a limited license. If there was a drug intoxication - one year is mandatory, only after it is possible to submit a restricted license. An IID of at least 12 months is required.

Probation will be from three to five years. And as a guarantee of the probationary period, the violator must finish the 18- or 30-month-old DUI school, at the judge’s choice.

If the previous episodes of your life taught you nothing, and the third time you get drunk at the wheel, then know that the third DUI is also an offense, usually. Fines will also be familiar to you - from $ 390 to $ 1,000 plus additional penalties.

Imprisonment will be for a period of 120 days (30 days if a probationary period is assigned, and a 30-month DUI school is assigned) up to one year.

But the criminal court will deprive you of a license for three years and a year, an administrative court. The application for a limited license is becoming more complicated, and the period of use of the IID is at least two years.

The probation period will be from 3 to 5 years. And the judge can appoint a 30-month-old DUI school.

If the result of your violation of the law was not only remorse but also an incident with the victims, then you will have a close and not very pleasant acquaintance with the system.

In such a situation, the DUI may qualify as misconduct and as a criminal offense. For this, you can go to jail from 16 months to four years. And your driver’s story will tell the judge what penalty in the range from 390 to 5,000 dollars you assign.

The fatal outcome of a drunken incident will lead to a sad prospect - the accusation of murder.

The prospects for such a thing are numerous, but bleak. In the worst case, you can spend up to 15 years behind bars.

Well, to be completely honest, we will talk about the bonuses that fraught with holding DUI responsible.

Thus, an accusation of an offense may adversely affect the receipt of licenses and certificates. Increasing the amount of insurance and providing additional financial liability form SR22.

Do not be surprised if you are questioned in detail about previous bridges during a job interview. You cannot lie, as this information is usually verified. Admission to the university and a request for financial assistance may also be ruined.

And, the cherry on this cake is Watson Advisement, which you will be required to sign. And according to it, you give consent to the state to accuse you of murder if you commit a fatal accident while being drunk while driving.

We least want to do moralizing. Our goal is to make you think because deliberately driving while drunk, you endanger, first of all, other participants in the movement.

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